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Wazifa for Allahs Raza

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Wazifa for Allahs Raza ,” If you want Allah’s raza make sure you carry out this. Allah will be delighted by a person eternally and may certainly not obtain angry.

Just about every morning after Fajr salah examine full Surah Yasin once similar to this. If you arrive at this ayets in Surah Yasin, do these seeing that explained.

“Yasin” the phrase 5 occasions

“Selamun kolum minute rabirrahim”……. that is a great ayet in Surah yasin…… sixteen occasions

and the last ayet connected with Surah Yasin

“fa subhannellezi beyade hil melekuto kulle sheyin”……… 3 x

Allah will be delighted by a person eternally.

Before you begin any wazifa, bear in mind all wazifas distributed by myself usually are okayed by Sayyedina Maulana Jalal Ud Din Rumi (Rehmatullah Alaih) in person. Our get better at possesses graciously okayed my personal wazifas.

You must send all savab or Hasana connected with what ever wazifa you do, to be able to him first. Only then your wazifas will continue to work. Please examine carefully how you can send the savab effectively with this internet site.


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