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Wazifa To Make Children Obedient

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Wazifa To Make Children Obedient

Wazifa to make children obedient,”  is the method by which you can make your children to go on your ways and they will follow all your directions and will do the same as you will ask then to do. This method is very reliable and used successfully by many people. Parents keeps on complainting that their children do not pay any attentions towards them and always keeps on ignoring them. Children do not know that what is right and what is wrong for them so sometimes the situations becomes very hard to be faced. But this method whill help you in resolving all the problems and your child will be under your control.

Describe Wazifa to make children obedient and its benefits?

Wazifa to make children obedient is a very useful method which will help you in making your children obedient and gentle. The people who are facing the problem that their children has taken the wrong decision of marriage himself and putting stress  that he will make love marriage then such like sutations can be handled very smoothly with the help of this method. If your child is not paying any attentions towards his studies then aslo you can use this method adn he will start listening and will follow all your orders. In the conditions if your child has fallen in a bad sompany and started to take drugs and do not listen anything then you can apply this method and can get your child out of the bad company and can make him a good boy or girl.

Method to apply Wazifa to make children obedient:

-Sit on your Masalla and first pay your Isha prayers.

-Now recite Surah Yusuf for one time.

-Then make Dua “Ṣirāṭ al-mustaqīm” to show him the correct path.

Now blow on the glass of water and give it to your child to drink This method is to be done for the 41 days Insha Allah your all the wishes will be fulfilled soon. Make sure that the place, cloths and the time for Wazifa whould be same everyday. If you have to go somewhere in emergency then take your Masalla and cloths along with you. The ladies avoid to use it during their menses and men should avoid to shave during the period of Wazifa. Wazifa to make child obedient is a very effective method which delivers its results very fast.

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