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Wazifa to become beautiful

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Everyone wishes to look good and want to attain attractive personality. Specially girls and ladies are very curious to enhance their looks and figure. They spend huge amounts on different methods and products used to look beautiful and to make changes in their body. The girls who have gained weight they wishes to be slim and they spend a lot of time at gym to lose weight and to get slim figure. The girls who have small breasts they have heartly wishes to enlarge their breasts becasue it is the main attraction for girls and ladies. Every person has his or own desire to make changes in themselves. Wazifa to become beautiful is the perfect method which will help you in getting the desired results in a very short time period.

What is the method to apply Wazifa to become beautiful?

-First of all take some Rose water.

-Mix the Rose water with the Ab-e-Zam Zam the holy water.

-Now mix some Saffron in it.

-Then on Friday after paying the Fazr prayer recite the given Verse for the 1100 times:

“Allah ho Noor Uss Samavat Wal Arz”

-Now blow on the water and mix some of the water daily with the water you use to take bath. You have to continue this method for the 3 weeks Insha Allah your demands and wishes will be fulfilled very soon.

Precautions for Wazifa to become beautiful?

You will have to choose some lonely place where no one can disturb you while doing the Wazifa to become beautiful. The cloths, place ant the time for the Wazifa should be same everyday. Ladies cannot use this method during their

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