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Wazifa for making impossible possible

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Wazifa for making impossible possible

Wazifa for making impossible possible,” Everybody faces problems and troubles in life but some problems are very hard to be faced and people finds no way out to get rid from such problems. Wazifa for making impossible possible is the method which can resolve all kinds of problems which we think that there is no solution. This method is very useful for the people who are suffering from different types of physical and mental ailments from many years but medicines are of no use and they want to cure such diseases. Then this method is an ideal option to cure all types of Diseases even which are incurable. It is said that where nothing works then there Dua is the best option.

Method to apply Wazifa for making impossible possible?

-Sit on the Masalla facing towards the Kaba Sharif.

-Read the given Ayet for te 884 times daily.

“Allah hu Rabbi La Shareeko Lahoo”

-Now read Darrod Sharif for the 11 times.

-Then make Dua for your problem or wish Insha Allah very soon it will be fulfilled.

You must take Halal food during the period of Wazifa. Your cloths, place and time should be same everyday for the Wazifa. If in emergency you have to leave that place then take your Masalla and cloths along with you. You must choose the place where nobody can interfere and also keep your mobile phone off. Men cannot shave during the Wazifa and the women cannot use thid method during their periods. Put some Ittar or the perfume which is Alcohol free before sitting for the Wazifa for making impossible possible.

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