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Wazifa For Insult Your Enemy, Dushman ko Zaleel kerna

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Wazifa For Insult Your Enemy, Dushman ko Zaleel kerna,” This is exceptionally viable rohani wazifa to embarrass/to affront your adversary.

The most effective method to utilize:

Perused This wazifa 313 times amid the Zawal time (roughly 1hour preceding Zohar Prayer) or you can read after Zohar supplication moreover. You can Read this wazifa from Saturday or from Tuesday, 3 to 11 days as it were. while perusing envision the adversary. This wazifa is just for those individuals who truly endured/aggravated seriously from adversary and they need to exact retribution/counter. in the event that you do this for any individual only to insult (with no authentic/strong reasons) so you might be a casualty of discipline from Allah.Wazifa For Insult Your Enemy, Dushman ko Zaleel kerna

You should require consent before doing this wazifa.

Dushman ko Zaleel kerna, To humiliate/insult your enemy



Mohabbat ka dum/Rohani Love Spell:’ Welcome to Istikhara for affection by Roohani Elaj. It is exceptionally compelling and solid wazifa for making love in any individual. This Quranic verse will liquefy his/her heart and make love in the heart of your significant other. You can likewise utilize this Istikhara for affection marriage.

The most effective method to Use: Read this Rohani Wazifa/Istikhara for affection 33 times and afterward blow it on Raisin, currant/garnet berry (kishmish/Munuqa) and Loaf-sugar/sugar confection (Misri) or on any sweet which wouldnt be cooked ablaze.

Do this 3 times. It will be perused in 3 times i.e. 33 time then 33 then 33 times = all out Quranic verse will be perused 99 times. Subsequent to perusing give this for eating to your darling or whom you need to have intercourse in his/her heart.

Vital: Permission will be required to utilize this Istikhara for adoration.

Mohabbat ka dum/Rohani Love Spell


Wazifa for Aulad/Wazifa for childless people:’ This is the extremely viable Rohani Wazifa for those individuals and couples who are childless and craving to have a kid.

The most effective method to Use:

Perused this Quranic verse both man n lady 21 or 41 times after fajar and after Magrib every day till the outcome/pregnancy. InshAllah they will be skilled tyke.

Significance: Start this wazifa when young ladies get shower after periods. beeter on Thursday or Friday.

In the event that both a couple subsequent to perusing blow on water and after that they drink day by day that water so they will get come about soon InshAllah.

Wazifa For Insult Your Enemy, Dushman ko Zaleel kerna

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