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Islamic Wazifa for love

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Islamic Wazifa for the love

iIslamic Wazifa for love,” is the perfect method present with the holy Islam which has all the powers to remove the problems from love affairs, love marriage and married life. The person who like someone but he do not have guts and courage to express his feelings to that person or the other person do not have the same feelings for him them this method will help him in getting the attractions and affections of that person. With the use of this method you can create love in the heart of the person whom you love for yourself. The people who have lost their love following any kind of reasons they can also use it to get their lost love back to them. This method can also be applied to remove differences from the married life and to fill married life with love and affections.

How to apply the method of Islamic Wazifa for love?

-Take any eatable or any drink.

-Place yourself on the Masalla and place the eatable before you.

-Now read Darood Salavat for the 11 times.

-Then read complete Bismillah for the 786 times.

-Now again read Darood Salavat for the 11 times.

-Now blow on the eatable.

Give the energized eatable to the person whom you like. After eating that eatable the person will fall in love with you. Islamic Wazifa for love is a very effective and reliable method which gives its results very fast.

Your intentions and motive for the Islamic Wazifa for love must be correct according to the Shariah. Choose some lonely place where nobody can disturb you while doing the Wazifa and also keep your mobile phone off. The place, cloths and time should be same everyday for the Wazifa if you have to go somewhere in emergency then you must take your Masalla and cloths along with you.


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